Busier but better

Hi. So…it’s been awhile huh? I can explain. Our schedules have gotten two times busier than ever before, but, at the same time, I am enjoying my time here more than ever before. We have added Spanish classes at City Mall on Wednesday and Saturday which, as of now, are super boring because I have to sit through basic Spanish that I learned 4 years ago. I asked for a different book so hopefully I can exchange my old one for a advanced book. We also added English class for the Honduran teachers which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This class is taught by us, the gringos, one on one with a teacher. I think this is a great way for them to learn. This way we can see each of their struggles and give them individual attention without distraction. I pray that I can help Maribel and push her to learn English to the best of her ability. My prayer for her is that she is well on her way to being fluent by May. She also said that she wants to learn Bible verses in English which makes this much more than an English class. God dropped this discipleship opportunity in my lap (not just mine, I hope the others see this class in the same way) to go through Scripture with Maribel teaching her the word of God while also teaching her English. In addition to these classes, we have added a mentorship: I and Josh with Mike, Mary Hudson with Tanya, and John with Ethan. This time with Mike that I get to share my burdens and thoughts and he, in turn, shares his and his wisdom, is something I look forward to every week and is something that I can already see having an impact in my life. During these mentor sessions, we are going through the truly phenomenal and insightful and powerful book “Disciplines of a Godly Man.” Atop of all this, I have been spending more time with some of the kids in the village. This time has made me fall in more in love with the people here and our ministry in reaching them. With all of this happening, the only free time I have is sporadic 30 minute segments, but I believe that I have figured my new schedule out and found times to sit and read or write and just chill out, take a breathe and be thankful for this blessed opportunity I have to serve the Lord here with such loving people.

I spoke in my last update about changing the first grade class schedule and asked that you pray that it be beneficial, and God delivered. The kids get more time outside, which they love, but their class time is so much more individualized and focused. Because of this, I have seen improvement in many of my student’s abilities, and not to mention that it makes Tanya, myself, and Mary Hudson’s days less stressful and more enjoyable.
These past few weeks have been strangely wet, raining nearly every day. These are just scattered showers for a few minutes, but nonetheless rain. Rain brings clouds and wind which bring cooler weather; instead of 95 feeling like 100 it has simmered to 85 feeling like 90ish, still sounds hot I know, but when your body is accustomed to the aforementioned temperatures, the latter feel like I need to be wearing a jacket. Also with this rain came floods and cancelled school. I woke up at 5:20 Wednesday October 25 to the sound of angry rain on my tin roof, it was darker than normal and had been raining nearly all week and all day Tuesday as well. I got ready and go into the kitchen for coffee and to make breakfast. Just as I sit with my coffee, Justin receives a “Red Alert” and at that, school is cancelled for the rest of the week. That day we attempted to go to Spanish class. As we head out, our road is totally flooded about knee high (our house and the houses in the village were all safe, the road just flooded). Water gets in the van and we decide we cannot go to class today. We find out later in the week when we could leave (Friday) that a whole village near La Lima is flooded. People are living in makeshift tents on the median of the roads. Every time we passed, I felt like we had to do something to help, I just didn’t know what or how. We ended up packing food bags for them with an organization called Convoy of Hope. Also while we were stuck at home for several days due to the flooding, Ethan, Josh, John, Justin and I decided to have some fun by wading and “swimming” in the knee high river that was once our road.

I still often translate for church which I am really starting to enjoy and get better at doing. Deborah (20 something year old girl that has helped with this ministry for a while) helps me when I get stuck which is a huge help. Pray that my skills continue to grow and that. when I do get stuck, the message is not lost and people stay focused.

My youth pastor, Gene, and the leader of Global Year, Johnny, arrived on Monday November 6th and with him came clothes and candy and other items from home. This same day Tanya, Mary Hudson and I went to the house of one our students Aaron. We did this without unannounced yet without hesitation and with an open door his grandmother invited us into his home. She also made fresh orange juice and banana bread which were both incredible. We chatted for an hour or so, Aaron danced, we laughed and learned about their family. Mary Hudson, Tanya and i want to continue doing this every Monday until we have visited the home of each of our students; pray that all of them are as welcoming as Aaron’s family and that we can use this as a ministry opportunity. The following day, Justin, Ethan and I went walking around the villages (there are several clumped together) inviting people to our church and sharing the gospel with them. I learned an important thing about Honduras through this; these people have been told about God, but know nothing of Jesus. Without knowing about Jesus, you cannot be saved. Jesus is the gospel and through him only can you be saved. These people can give an alright church answer but that is all they know. They also will say they go to a church in the village, a church that does not teach the gospel in no shape or form. I pray that doing this and visiting my student’s homes and sharing God’s love with them will allow them to be more willing to visit our church. On Wednesday we cancelled school because the gringos had to go to the immigration office to purchase a 30 day extension on our visas. We then found out that starting the 15th of November, Michael will an illegal immigrant of Honduras. Thus he has to leave the country for three days. So…we will see how this week unfolds without him. Yesterday we had a half day at school because we had tickets to the Honduras vs. Australia soccer game! What an experience that I’ll never forget. Thousands of people trying to find seats on the concrete benches that made up the bleachers, horns blowing loud and proud, the intense and exciting atmosphere and being able to go with such great friends made it an incredible day.
I’m so sorry for the long and long awaited update. Like I said before, I think I’ve figured this new schedule out and hope to continue to ten day or so updates. Even though I am much more busy than ever, I am thriving and enjoying my time here more than ever. My relationship with God is doing the same and I am enjoying Him more than ever before as well. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Dios les bendiga!


4 thoughts on “Busier but better

  1. Lily Gore

    I’ve so enjoyed reading this update! You’re quite the wordsmith. Your passion for furthering God’s kingdom is so evident. I pray that God sends more people like you onto the mission field. It’s awesome that you and Tanya are wanting to visit your students’ homes. That sounds like an awesome discipleship opportunity. I’m praying for you and your team constantly. Let us know (the DR team) if there’s anything we can specifically be praying about. Dios te bendiga!

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